Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials votes

Microsoft Security Essentials in an all-inclusive security software
Ghimire Subho  — Last year
Best Antivirus Software ever used...
mario  — 3 years ago
This security program from Microsoft is excellent.
Guest  — 5 years ago
super protection
dergiu  — 5 years ago
Guest  — 5 years ago
Ron  — 6 years ago
OK, it's free.
Guest  — 6 years ago
Fast, easy to use, and occupies little space
Guest  — 6 years ago
I love this it is no hassle and so easy to understand
Guest  — 6 years ago
I like this software cause ......this is a very fast anti virus i have ever seen
Guest  — 6 years ago
Easy used
Guest  — 7 years ago
It is a good antivirus
Panos Kokkaris  — 7 years ago
BlThunder  — 7 years ago
For free and therefore really good
Farhan Nazer  — 7 years ago
This one good because it is fast & pc work faster
yoshi_Fan721  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
it does everything I need with resource hogging.
bearbottoms  — 7 years ago
MSE is my preferred free Antivirus and only Panda Cloud Av is it's competitor. Avira, AVAST, and AVG fall short.
Guest  — 7 years ago
jeff  — 7 years ago
just get this you will love it
Bob Sagget  — 7 years ago
Free, light in memory, good scans updates itself and frequently.
gUAno  — 7 years ago
Good antivirus
JOHN CALDERON  — 7 years ago
This is more better than others antivirus software and only work with original windows licenses: XP, Vista and 7...
Guest  — 7 years ago
Very fast!
φ  — 7 years ago
Seems to work fine but at times it eats up a lot of resources
Marko Sučić  — 7 years ago
PC is working absolutly wonderfull.No errors no crashes and no viruses
Guest  — 7 years ago
ease of use
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